Saturday, September 10, 2011

They're Back!


Last Goodbyes 2011 at Entebbe
Our son, Dawson, posted two words on Facebook with a photo of his parents last night: THEY'RE BACK!

Tuesday, Pam and I locked our house in Jinja and made the trip from there to Entebbe with our African daughter, Sera, and our African son and his wife, Jeff and Lyzette.  We were able to spend time with almost all of the members of the Dove Voice Band as well.  The closer we got to the airport the quieter it got.  Goodbyes are not that much fun for most people I know and this one was no exception.  What helps is knowing that the goodbye will soon be followed by a hello.

Momm with her girls at the BBQ
Our two flights were pleasant.  Pam and I both slept almost the entire way from Entebbe to Amsterdam. We were tired, the rest needed, and the consequent refreshing.  After we both took showers at the Amsterdam airport we spent some time talking and sharing a letter from Sera.  We boarded our flight from Amsterdam to Portland, but a medical emergency with a passenger about an hour into the flight resulted in an unplanned stop in Glasgow, Scotland.  The removal of the passenger, refueling, and a new flight plan took over 90 minutes.  Back in the air, the captain of the aircraft informed his passengers that the flight time to reach Portland would be 9 hours and 15 minutes.  We spent more than 14 hours in the aircraft, but are back in the States and our family and friends seem to be happy about that.  We had time to enjoy an American BBQ with some friends and family before dropping into bed after a long day of goodbyes, air travel, and hellos.

At work with my young friend Austin
I know that this update may seem shallow and without substance, but it is simply a report on the transition from our African culture to our American culture.  At least it has some photos with it.  (Please excuse the unflattering one of me painting!  What was I thinking?  It is published withOUT Pam's permission.)

My first day back in Oregon went something like this ...

Austin showed up before 8 AM to begin painting on our house.  I left for town to pick up five gallons of paint for the body of the house.  I took Pam, Blair and Robyn with me.  We had to stop for coffee and conversation while in town.

Dawson & Anna ... we missed them seriously
Our next stop was Costco for food and household supplies.  The pantry can be pretty bare after spending six months out of the country! We pushed the paint to one side and filled the trunk/boot completely with food to bring home.

On the way home we stopped to find a gift for our daughter in law, Anna, who was celebrating her 25th birthday in Corvallis with Dawson and her family. Although it is about a three hour drive round trip,wew couldn't pass up the opportunity to see our kids after being gone for six months. We drove down to Corvallis with Blair and Robyn.  Actually, Pam and I were too tired to drive and Blair served us well in that department.  We arrived back in Colton around midnight.  Putting the rag top down on Pam's convertible helped keep all of us awake during the cool, moonlit ride home.

Riding home with the top down!
Stephanie and three of her kids came in the afternoon before our ride to Corvallis.  The pool is still open ... although the water temperature screams that it is time to close the pool for the season ... and it was a great place to enjoy some good time between Grandma and the grand kids.

Pam was enjoying rest around the pool, Nathan (one of our NGM Board Members and a retired IT man) was working on configuring a new computer system for me.  I was painting the house with Austin.  We all had one eye on the clock so we could leave for the birthday celebration on time.  Yeah ... we're back and we wasted no time ... so to speak ... embracing the American way of life.  Whoohoo!

Grandma Pam with granddaughter Gracie
In just over a week Pam and I will host many of the friends of Next Generation Ministries at our annual "THANK YOU BBQ."  We have guests coming from as far away as Oklahoma and Washington.  We can't wait to see all of them.  How about you?  Are you coming?  We have room for any and all who have the opportunity to join us.  September 17th!  We provide all the food, table service, and beverages.  Come and say hello.

We're back!

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  1. Welcome "home." Wish we could be there to celebrate with you!


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