Friday, September 30, 2011

Robert Sityo

Medical Update

Recently I read a quote in a book that went something like:
A friend is someone who knows the song of your heart and sings it to you when you forget it.
There are and will usually be circumstances in our life's journey that will silence the good song that the Lord has put in our hearts.  The song of faith is one of those that is often challenged.

Robert ... man of God ... song of faith in his heart
After it was discovered that Robert Sityo, a good friend and associate of Next Generations Ministries since 2004, was diagnosed with Karposis Sarcoma (a particular cancer) on his right foot, a wonderful lady in Spokane sprang into action in an attempt to get Robert there for treatment.  She works in the medical field and with her contacts began to assemble a team of personnel who would contribute services and cancer resources free of charge.  She arranged for air fares for Robert and his wife Sarah and for a host family.  All of this was fairly easy compared to any attempt to secure visas for both of them.

The application for visa began and seemed to be moving forward with typical bureaucratic progress. The consular in Kampala even sent emails to the medical personnel in Spokane for verification of promises made in the application form.  But, once the embassy knew Robert was coming to the United States for cancer treatment they seemed to have a strategy to deny him unless he could provide health insurance for all his medical needs while in the United States.  Although I made several contacts from Uganda to help find health insurance for an African man diagnosed with cancer that would cover him in America, the song of hope in my heart disappeared.  While Robert was given 12 months to obtain that improbable insurance coverage, all of us concerned and connected with his attempt to get a visa abandoned it and  began to think about getting the best medical care for him in Uganda.

Robert's first treatment with Paclitexil
The drug typically used to treat this sort of cancer, Doxil, is in a worldwide shortage even making it a challenge for patients in the Untied States to get treatment.  God, who is always attempting to get us to sing the song of our hearts, provided an opening for Robert to go to the recently constructed Nakasero Hospital in Kampala  Robert has a new doctor, Dr. Partha Murkaopadhyay, who is the hospital's consulting oncologist from India.   Dereck Momber, another friend and associate of Next Generation Ministries, has been a constant friend to Robert in this most recent strategy to receive treatment at Nakasero.

Robert's new doctor first of all made sure that Robert was correctly diagnosed since this form of cancer is usually the result of the patient also being HIV positive and is fast acting.  Robert has never been HIV positive and has had this condition since 2008.  A new biopsy was taken and the tissue samples sent to the United States.  The lab test confirmed the initial diagnosis.
Resting in God's grace through faith
Although Doxil is the preferred drug to treat Karposis Sarcoma, Dr. Murkoapadhyay has successful used a readily available and must cheaper drug called Paclitexil.  Test have been administered, the first of six treatments was started this week, and we are singing the song of  hope and faith that God will use this treatment to stabilize Robert's heath as we continue to pray for complete healing from Him.

This treatment will cost Robert in the neighborhood of $2,200 to $2,5000.  Robert is loved by so many and Grace Giving International, who is the primary ministry who sustains the work of Fountain of Hope Ministries in Bukeeka under the direction of Robert, are confident they will gather the funds to see that Robert receives his treatment. Should you wish to contribute you can do so at

Robert is doing well and has done well throughout this lengthy and challenging battle with cancer.  God has put so many people around him who love him.  And when he forgets the song of his heart God has provided friends who sing to him.

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