Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Fred Flintstone Rap

A Few Moments of Fun At The NGM BBQ

I hope you have had an opportunity to read my post from yesterday titled FRIENDS about our BBQ we hosted last week. This is a bit of an addendum to that day of celebration.

Okay ... this is a blog that captures a few lighthearted moments of fun at the Next Generation Ministries BBQ last Saturday.  Most of the guests had left, but about 30 of us gathered in our living room for a spontaneous event as my son in law, Jethro, and his twin brother, Jeremiah, resurrected a rap they wrote 21 years ago.  Of course they are approaching 40 years of age now ... so, it's not surprising they had to take a breather about two thirds of the way into this 3 minute rap.  Don't wait for the tour.  Give it a view from the link below.

Enjoy the rap here!

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