Friday, June 10, 2011

Guest Writer - Sami Kiro of Dove Voice Band

Living like Kings!
... Working like Priests
Part 2 - June 10, 2011

Enjoying Unity in pastor Salomon's home - Jackson, Serge, Blair, Robert, Sami, Robyn, Hope, Yves, Boris, Mukuki, Josheph
We left Mbarara in the late afternoon.  It was a long and very dusty ride to Kamwenge and we arrived after dark.  Club Africa was our home for the next 5 nights and it was a very nice hotel where we shared 2 or 3 to a room and had our breakfasts and some of our other meals.  Papa Paul and Mom had a bigger room where we all met together each day.  Thursday and Friday we had a seminar at Pastor Stephen's church where Jeff and Boris each preached.  Friday morning we all went door to door for evangelism and after a time we met in the center of town and sang on the street.

 Praying over Edgar's farm for prosperity
Edgar was our host in Kamwenge and he took us to his farm on Saturday.  We spent the whole of the day walking his land, praying over it and for God to prosper his land and his animals.  We spent some good time singing and dancing with Edgar's family and neighbors. They made a party for us with plenty of food and sodas and even sorgum.  Edgar had promised us fresh milk from his cows, but we failed to be able to drink after eating so much.  Can you imagine? 

We couldn't drink milk...

We were blessed to have with us Blair and Robyn, granddaughters of Papa and Mom.  They did everything with us and we learned to love them as our sisters.  We think they, also, love us as their brothers.

Sunday found us ministering in another Pastor Steven's church that we had not been to yet.  God met us there as we were able to press through some spiritual resistance and lead the body of Christ in worship that was very sweet.  Papa Paul was the preacher for the day, and we were excited to also have two young men in the service who had just given their lives to Christ in the Friday door to door evangelism.  We were able to pray for them and have some time after the service to encourage them.

The mayor of Kamwenge attended one of our services that morning and joined us back at the hotel for lunch and a time to visit. He was joined by a few others who also work in the local government.  We were requested to sing by the mayor, and there was freedom to sing in the hotel dining area as we sat.  He was happy to invite us back anytime we want to return to Kamwenge for a concert.

Sunday evening found us all gathered in Papa's room where each of us shared what we had seen God doing in our adventure together.

By this time Papa had treated several sicknesses among the team, and taken them to the clinic and bought medicines and even had one on serum, but all were doing better.

One of the unique experiences we had was when Papa gave each of us 10,000sh for the day so that we could be responsible for our own meals.  It was each one's choice to find where we wanted to eat, or save the money by not eating.  Many of us have never had the opportunity, even from our own parents, to be given our own money to care for our own needs in our own way.  It turned into adventure and we each enjoyed it and learned something.  We found this experience connected to the teaching Papa was giving us throughout the trip about becoming men.  Papa was very good about using this time together to encourage us to keep growing towards manhood.  And he showed and taught us many things.

Papa and Mom gave each of us 20,000sh before we left each other.  It was meant to encourage us and make us to reach home with smiles.

We did arrive safely home and thank God for the safe journey and His presence with us all along the way.  We know that Papa Paul and Mom love us very much and have often made opportunities for us to minister.  We thank them for making this trip possible for us.  We will not remain as we were.  God loves us very much.

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  1. Good job with this blog post, Sami. I enjoyed reading it very much. I love to picture you all heading home with smiles, after a week of doing God's work.


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