Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hi & Goodbye

A Couple of Updates on a Couple of Updates
May 25, 2011


Catherine was stable today and her doctor referred her to Jinja Main Hospital this afternoon.  She has been moved and is now under the care of the government hospital.  The cost of maintaining medical attention at the clinic is more than Sera can manage, although she was able to pay half of the total bill with a contribution that came through Next Generation Ministries.  She borrowed the other half from The Caring Place rent fund as funds should be coming from Canada to help close out the loan within a week to ten days.

A nephew was discovered who is willing to care for Catherine at Jinja Main as well.  Sera is pretty exhausted from the more than two weeks of caring for Catherine.  Any of us who had any dealings with the medical staff at Al Shafa Medical Clinic were VERY impressed with their level of expertise and compassion.  We salute them!
Mayor speaks to new congregation


Jesus has come to Ndolwa.  This past Sunday, the concluding day of the kickoff crusade, 74 people were baptized and the first service was crowded with grateful attendees.  The local chairman (village chief so to speak) and the mayor were both in attendance ... signifying government support.


Mayor gets baptized
It's Wednesday night as I write this.  Four of the men from the Dove Voice Band will come in the morning to help us prepare the vehicle and load it for departure on Friday morning.  We will pick up Robert after crossing the River Nile, then up the hill to grab Peter, our driver, who will take over and get us through Kampala ... population: 7 million and half of those are taxi drivers and boda boda drivers!  After arriving in the capital city we will gather the rest of the band members and pick up Jeff Kasigwa before leaving the big city.

New congregation outside of church building
We are pretty excited about this adventure and expecting the Lord to do so amazing things during it.  We don't expect to have internet and we are leaving our laptops at home.  We hope to have sufficient memory to write some updates after we arrive back in Jinja on June 6th.  So ... until then ... so long for now.

On a kind of personal note ... if you want to read the latest on Blair's spiritual journey you can find it here.
She asked me to read it to Pam this morning.  I attempted and now my sinuses are completely clear.  (code word for leaking which is a code word for crying)

Thanks for your love, prayers, and support.  We could never do what we do without you.  We ARE a mission team regardless of where we lay our head at night.

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