Sunday, April 24, 2011

So Close

Yet So Far!
Easter - April 24, 2011

Pam, Blair, Robyn, and I just said goodbye to the Garrick Family.  Until three days ago we had no idea who these people were! The whole family of five are here in Uganda for several months on a mission. They have only been in Africa for about a week and they are about to get really busy.  But, at the suggestion of a mutual friend, they squeezed in a two night stay with us here in Jinja, along with their driver, Deo.  So we HAD to meet them!  Wouldn't you like to?  Click on the link below:

Jennifer Pam Paul John
I found that John and I have been cut from the same cloth.  There are a lot of similarities in our backgrounds.  One of the fascinating things about being part of an eternal family is meeting family you have never met before.

John and Jennifer (ages unrevealed) are the parents of Alysa (17), Leslie (almost 14), and Samuel (8).  They live in Oregon City, Oregon which is about a 20 to 25 minute drive from our home in Colton, Oregon!  We live so close, but had to go SO FAR to met and appreciate one another.

Robyn Alysa Blair Leslie
And appreciate them we do.  Having our two oldest granddaughters here with us, Blair (18) and Robyn (17), was a bonus for the girls.  We talked, we laughed (a lot! ... since John reminded ALL of us, independent of each other, of Dawson, our only son who keeps us laughing), we fellowshipped, and we prayed together.

It doesn't take long to appreciate those who exalt Jesus so well.  John and Jennifer have such a huge love for people and such a passion to see that they are made whole by Jesus.  Sharing a love for the people of Uganda gave us some building blocks with each other, established on our common foundation of Christ.  You can learn more about the current Live It Out tour, being conducted by the family, as well as John's ministry here.

Deo the driver
Thanks goes to Steve Winstead, of Oregon, who connected us.  Steve also travels to Uganda to serve Christ here.  I suspect the only explanation for discovering so many people from Oregon who love and serve the people in Uganda is Jesus.

Thanks Fairview Oklahoma

This Easter Season ... it's more than a day here in Uganda as banks, some shops, and government offices close down for Good Friday and the Monday after Easter ... affords the people of Uganda an extended opportunity to enjoy family and friends.  Another new friend, who drives vehicles out of the office of the Prime Minister in Kampala, came to meet us and stay for two nights. Sylvester appears to be a serious student of the word of God and we gave him a Life Application Bible.  Although a very quiet man of 43, he could not contain the joy over having another tool that will help him deepen his relationship with Christ.

Upon a recommendation from yet another Oregonian, Doug Collins, I met Charles Wasswa.  He runs a 26 room guest house and 40 seat restaurant in Seeta, which is not far from Kampala.  A converted Muslim, Charles wants to advance the Kingdom of God in the Marketplace.  He spent a couple of hours telling me his story.  It's another new contact and connection in which Pam and I will rely on the Lord for discernment.  We can't disciple everyone, but we want to be available to those whom the Lord has put in our path.

It's been a people week.  Now it is Easter and we are looking forward to preparing for Matthew & Kristi Bellamy, of Wilsonville, Oregon.  They arrive in Uganda a week from today and be with us for two weeks.  I'll keep you posted ... of course.

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