Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our Ultimate Provider

Blesses Us With A 14 Passenger Van!
April 6, 2011

Millions of Ugandan shillings
Next Generation Ministries concluded another chapter in the "van story" late Monday night.  The balance due was paid with millions of Ugandan shillings, the bill of sale was signed by seller and buyer, the registration was completed, the new tags were attached, and Elijah (the lawyer for us and our ministry), Abdu, and I drove next door from the "bond" (car lot for those of us who are not from Britain or colonies of Britain) and to the service station.

There are no car manufacturers in Uganda or in any neighboring nation as far as I know.  The vehicles available here are used imports from other nations, primarily Germany and Japan.  Toyotas are everywhere.  They are brought into port in Mombasa, Kenya, and driven to various locations by drivers hired for delivery.  Funny things happen along the way.

Elijah/Abdu check it out personally
Elijah has owned several vehicles and is methodical about their maintenance.  As soon as the van was pulled over the grease pit, Elijah, suit and all, climbed down in after the mechanic.  He shouted up at me, "There is no oil in the differential."

"Wow!  Really?"  I shouted back.  I knew we had just bought a vehicle we knew nothing about.  That's the way car sales are done here in Uganda.  I'm just wondering what kind of problems we may have just purchased.

He made no response to my question.  He was now looking at a dry plug from the gear box.  "No oil in the gear box, either!"

Happy with the vehicle
He, and Abdu, who had followed him down into the grease pit, proceeded to familiarize me with some of the ways of African. Somewhere along the way to Kampala, they explained, it is common for these drivers to drain the fluids from the vehicle ... not completely empty, but with just enough remaining to get them to their destinations ... so that they could sell the stolen fluids and get a few extra bucks.  It must be part of the perks for that kind of work.

The little remaining oil in the engine was drained, the filter was removed, a new one installed, and six liters of new oil added to fill the engine.  The gear box and differential where also given their necessary fluids.  The filter for the diesel fuel was replaced.  Coolant was added ... the radiator was nearly dry ... and the reservoir filled.  The air filter was removed and cleaned.  The fuel tank was nearly filled and we were ready to drive this new vehicle to its new home at the Jinja base of Next Generation Ministries.

Next Gen Min Compound
Abdu told me that the mechanic was wondering how this white guy got a van with such a good engine in it.  He told Abdu that most often the white people are sold vehicles that have very bad engines, but this one was really good.  It was bigger than the normal size of the vans and taxis on the road.  It was tight and in excellent condition.  When Abdu told me that the mechanic wondered who gave "that muzugu"  (white guy) this good van, I told him:  GOD DID.

New home in Jinja
There is no other explanation for the van that now sits just behind our guest house on Muvule Cresent.  God partnered with some great people in the United States to provide us with a blessing we never imagined.  We now have a 14 passenger van that we will used for short term missionaries, missions to other parts of East Africa, transportation of the Dove Voice Band, and at Sera's Caring Place for the house that is filled with 18 injury and disease prone boys.  It is a 2000 Toyota Hiace with 103,000 miles, 5 speed manual transmission, 4 bald tires, no seats, but some excited people who know that this van is going to be used to carry out the mandate of Jesus to take His good news to the world and make disciples of all nations.  We hope to get seats made for it this week and get wider wheels and new tires as soon as possible.  All fluids are currently at peak levels!

Thank you, Fairview, Oklahoma!  Thank you Father for knowing our needs and using Your people to meet them.  We are blessed and we thank You and them.  Below is a very brief video of Pastor Robert Sityo and Jimmy Kiwanuka dedicating the van to God's use and service.

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