Saturday, March 12, 2011

Typical Day ...

Prayer Needed
March 13, 2011

On the way to the clinic
Abdu and I left an hour early for the airport.  News reports of street closures in Kampala due to a serious fire in a downtown building prompted our departure.  I left Jinja with a sense of satisfaction.  Pam and I had been able to get our guest house in pretty good condition for the team I would bring back to Jinja in the early morning hours of Saturday.  It was a relief to know that we had passed the challenges faced in getting to this point.

My relaxing sense turned to a bit of anxiety after I responded to the buzzing in my pocket and read the text message on my phone.  Sera, who I left doing some last minute cleaning with my granddaughter Robyn, had sent the message.  She had received a call that Daniel, one of her boys, had climbed up a tall tree on the way home from school, but didn't climb down.  He had fallen a good distance and had been taken to the nearest clinic where he was unable to talk.

Dawn examines Daniel
Pam, Sera, & Don watch
After realizing that one of our team members was a nurse, I sent a text to Sera saying that I would bring him with me as early in the morning as possible so that Byron could examine him.  She later wrote back that Daniel was urinating in the bed.  I realized that he was totally unconscious.

The trip home for the airport revealed that there were actually two nurses on the team.  Dawn and Byron went with Pam, Don, and me to the asses the condition of Daniel Saturday morning.  He was in serious pain from apparent injuries to his neck and possibly his shoulder blade.  But he was conscious, speaking, and responding well to questions.

Sera relieved and taking Daniel home
Byron and his patient
Just another typical day in Africa.  But, it meant so much to Sera that there were people the Lord sent, from 10,000 miles away, just in time to give her boy a thorough exam, immobilize his arm with a crafted sling, give him pain medication, and promise to moderate his recovery.  Our times are in His hands.

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  1. poor Daniel! I'm so thankful you guys were able to assist with his recovery. God definitely answers prayers in crazy ways! Wonderful.


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