Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Christians are ...

Fill In the Blank

March 10, 2011

24 hours of travel half way around the world and an 11 hour difference in time zones can leave a guy with a messed up inner clock and day or night confusion.  Pam and I are in Uganda and really busy with preparations to receive a 10 member mission team from Fairview, Oklahoma, on Friday.  Storage cases and tubs are being unpacked along with the 8 bags that made the trip with us and our two granddaughters. The kitchen, along with all of its utensils and service ware need cleaning.  Bedrooms need to be readied for guests.   Utilities need to be operating (especially internet service!).  Transportation needs to be arranged.  Dollars needs to be exchanged for shillings.  Visitors to our home need to be received and loved (Robert, Jimmy, Helen, Alice, Simon, Betty and the list goes on).  Friends encountered in town need to be greeted as relationships are renewed.  Culture needs to be embraced.  Humility needs to be expressed as mistakes and oversights are discovered.  And faith needs to be maintained that all will be as it should be when it should be.

Last week I read one of my favorite blogs that simply asked its readers to not think about it too long, but respond to the open-ended sentence:  Christians are ...

I posted a one sentence response, not something I usually do, and signed up to be kept posted on other people's replies.  Wow ... what a diversity.  Some expressed heady ideas about what God says Christians are and others were lengthy commentaries on cultural evolutions of what Christians have become.  In my opinion the best post was the shortest post.  It simply read Christians are Christ incarnated.

Forget the religion.  Forget the program.  Forget the activity.  This is my heart's cry:  Lord, in the midst of all of these current changes, challenges, and demands, please let those around me see You.  This is why I exist.  (Colossians 1:27)

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