Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Progress

Happy Cooking Staff!

New Kitchen Being Constructed
Some of the hardest workers on the support staff of Fountain of Hope School in Bukeeka, Uganda, are the cooks. They have seen some amazing changes during their 5 years of service. After years of fetching and carrying water to their kitchen, they now enjoy the water that comes from a tap inside of it. They are anticipating a move in day when they can begin to generate meals, for over 700 students, from their new kitchen.

Our commitment for Fountain of Hope Primary School, to be officially registered with the nation of Uganda, requires permanent structures for classrooms, offices, board ing quarters, and kitchen. Construction began on the boarding quarters and the kitchen during this last holiday and will continue until completion.

Cooking Counter Ready for New Pots
Grace Giving International is the primary fund raising organization for Fountain of Hope School and has provided the funds for this construction project. Next Generation Ministries enjoys a good working relationship with GGI. They sponsor students/teachers and raise money for development of the facilities. They are currently faced with a decision to install either aluminum or stainless cooking pots in the kitchen. The difference in costs is significant, but so is the quality and life span. Any contributions for the construction project of FOHS should be directed to them.

School is back in session now and the whole village is excited about the continued development that Fountain of Hope School brings with it. This development increases the belief in potential. Without any funding from the West, Robert, the school's director and pastor of True Worship Center Church, has mobilized some of the citizens and parents to begin Hope High School for the graduates of the Primary School. The ownership of the people of Bukeeka are taking for their new school is gratifying for those who have sown their energies into building an educational bridge into this community for the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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