Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NGM Update 185 Pocatello

A Great Beginning!
September 28, 2010

The weather was not the only warmth that we experienced in Pocatello.  It was near 90 degrees when we arrive almost a week ago today and 90 degrees on our last day, Sunday.  But compared to the relationships we renewed, developed, started, and explored?  It was not nearly as warm as those!

Syd and Gabe keep us busy, busy, and busy.  We exposed what the Lord is doing in Uganda through Next Generation Ministries in so many venues.  Let me summarize and make it easy for me and you

  • Spoke at two a high school civic clubs and Fellowship of Christian Athletes club
  • Taught an economics class at the same school … Century High School
  • Visited and shared with the Pre-K through 8th grade classes at Grace Lutheran School
  • Shared our lives and work with a group gathered for a fund raising  benefit for Next Generation Ministries on Wednesday
  • Spoke to a group of about 50 residents in the Women’s Prison and the Lord touched the lives of several of them
  • Met with a group of on-fire men for bagels early one morning and fielded questions about our work and why we work the way we do in Uganda.
  • Gave an inspirational message to the teachers/staff at Grace Lutheran School
  • Received a TB test, along with Pam who had a more complete physical, at Dr. Mark’s office … who was one of our short term missionaries last June
  • Enjoyed a BBQ with some of our short team missionaries one evening
  • Pam spoke to a Ladies Retreat of about 30 women from 4 different churches Friday and Saturday
  • Spoke to a group of men on Friday PM
  • Met with people to love and encourage them or to offer them an invitation to Uganda
  • Spoke at two church services on Sunday
  • Enjoyed reports at Appreciation Night for the two teams of 24 that came to Uganda from Pocatello
  • Watched Syd cry when the team honored her with a classroom renovation at Rock of Ages Nursery and Primary School …. Donated in her name
  • Enjoyed being hosted by Randy and Keri Fowler, two of our fantastic missionaries in Uganda last June
  • Enjoyed Sarah, the 10 year old daughter of Abdu and Betty Wasswa, with whom we have lived with in Uganda for four years … Sarah is in the United States for a cross cultural visit and living in Pocatello with Randy and Keri until next March

There are many more people that are now interested in Uganda and a potential mission trip there some time in the future.  A youth trip is being planned for 2011. It was the perfect place to begin this nine week tour of the United States.

We spent the night in Casper, Wyoming with dear friends Rod and LaRee Krischke last night and will drive to Arvada, Colorado today to meet with James & Joetta Fort tonight.  We will meet with a group they have assembled to explore the work of Next Generation Ministries in Uganda.  Wednesday we have a LONG drive of over 13 hours to Kansas City where we will enjoy our 40 year college reunion on Thursday.  Friday we drive to Fairview, Oklahoma where we will be for 10 days.

We appreciate your prayers.  We want to avoid fatigue, spread the word about the work of Next Generation Ministries, raise funds for our work, and exalt Jesus Christ wherever we are.  We depend on your prayers.  We will keep you posted.

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