Friday, September 10, 2010

NGM Update 184 2010 NGM Promo DVD

Sera's Story
September 10, 2010

As you know from the post(s) I made yesterday … Pam and I are about to embark on a nine week tour of the United States.  We hope to connect with many people who have been to Uganda on a short term mission trip and to invite others to join us.   We can be reached on our cells phones at 503-953-4220 (Pam) and 971-998-7720 (Paul).

We have produced two versions of a Promotional DVD we will use on this tour.  One will be a short 4 minute video that helps introduce the work that Pam and I do in Africa, helping set the context for dialog or a monologue.  The longer version will be a standalone video that uses the shorter version with a few more minutes added to help explain what we do without the assistance of a public presentation.

So … what DO we do in Uganda?

Several years ago when Pam and I were praying about giving our lives to work with the people of Uganda, a good friend of ours asked us an essential question:  “What do you believe is the greatest need of Uganda?”  Our immediate answer was: “DISCIPLESHIP.”

Now, years later, we find that discipleship is our entire focus.  We are mentors.  We are like a spiritual mother and father, equipping the next generation of Ugandans on how to live as sons of God and glorify God with their lives.

Jesus was the ultimate mentor.  He chose a small group to men to  mentor  because He knew that to deeply affect someone’s life, a person must have the opportunity to really know that person and to spend time with them as an individual.  Pam and I believe that investing in the lives of a few people will ultimately have a much broader impact on that nation than anything else we could do.  Pam and I do not work in Uganda to build churches, schools, orphanages, or businesses.  We work to build people.

The link that is attached to this update features one of those people we are building.  Every person the Lord has put in our lives has an amazing story.  Their lives have become our vision.  We want to give them whatever we have so they can be effective in using their life to exalt Jesus Christ.

This is the short version of what we do in Uganda.  We can’t do it without you.  We need you and want to work together.  Please come to Uganda on a short term mission team.  Please pray for us.  And, please contribute to our financial support as the Lord provides for you.  (Donations can be sent to Next Generation Ministries, 29940 South Dhooghe Road, Colton, OR 97017)

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