Thursday, September 9, 2010

NGM Update 182 On The Road Again

USA Travel Itinerary
September 9, 2010

One week from Monday, September 20th, Pam and I leave Oregon for a nine week tour of the United States.  We will be visiting many friends, and meeting new people, with whom we hope to promote the work the Lord Jesus is doing in Uganda through Next Generation Ministries.

I have attached our travel itinerary so that you will know where we are for these 9 weeks.  We are only one night in some places, but several days in others.  If you see an opportunity to connect with us in any of these places, or would like to explore the possibility of setting up something with us as we travel, please email me so we can work on it.   And, would you please pray for this trip?

We have produced a new 2010 NGM Promotional DVD and it is available, free of charge, upon request.  However, we delight in your generosity as it helps us continue doing the work we do in Uganda.

September 20                 Boise, Idaho                                       1 night
September 21                 Pocatello, Idaho                                  6 nights
September 27                Casper, Wyoming                                1 night
September 28                Arvada, Colorado                                1 night
September 29                Lee’s Summit, Missouri                       1 night
October 1                       Fairview, Oklahom                              10 nights
October 11                     Oklahoma City, Oklahoma                   2 nights               
October 13                     Olathe, Kansas                                    1 night
October 14                     Gurnee, Illinois                                    7 nights
October 20                     Dixon, Illinois                                      5 nights
October 25                     OPEN                                                 3 nights
October 28                     Buffalo, New York                              4 nights
November 1                    North Topsoil Beach, NC                     2 nights               
November 3                    Charlotte, North Carolina                      3 nights
November 6                    Asheville, North Carolina                      2 nights
November 8                    Charlotte, North Carolina                      1 night
November 9                    London, Kentucky                               1 night
November 10                  St. Louis, Missouri                               1 night
November 11                  Olathe, Kansas                                     1 night
November 12                 North Platte, Nebraska                           1 night
November 13                 Casper, Wyoming                                  2 nights
November 15                 Philipsburg, Montana                             2 nights
November 17                 Fernwood, Idaho                                   1 night
November 18                 Newport, Washington                            1 night
November 19                 Colton, Oregon                                     1 night

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