Friday, September 3, 2010

NGM Update 181 My Hero!

Ariane in Uganda
With Raoul, his sister Mary, & Sera
With Sera & her boys at The Caring Place
BIG love for little children
Hand for Ugandans
Ariane Drake ... An Amazing Young Lady
September 3, 2010

Pam and I have given our lives to encourage, empower, and equip those the Lord brings into our lives so that they are abandoned followers of Christ.  He has given us such people in the country of Uganda.  But, we also have a passion to see people come from the United States to Uganda on a short term mission so that they can encounter the living Christ in a way they never would in the States … and be changed forever.  These teams often yield significant relationships.

This update features one of my youngest heroes.  Her name is Ariane (rhymes with Mary Ann) Drake, a 16 year from Pocatello.  Ariane came to Uganda last May with a short term mission team.  Equipped with a maturity and humility uncharacteristic of most people, but especially a teenager, Ariane has been trusted by the Lord to make amazing things happen through her.  She is currently the spearhead for an organization being formed under the name of Hands for Uganda.  She intends to work for 5 years to assist in the development of Rock of Ages Nursery & Primary School.  This is the school founded for the children of the prostitutes of in Mbiiko by Next Generation Ministries associate Betty Wasswa.  Ariane and her organization has raised enough money to renovate the present school building and add another classroom for the school as it continues to grow in enrollment each year.  She has long range plans to raise enough money to purchase land and to begin to build an educational facility that will provide an exceptional education for the children of Mbiiko.  I have attached a poster from a concert Ariane sponsored to raise funds.

Ariane was featured in a front page article of the Idaho State Journal recently.  I have attached that article to this update.  Here is part of that interview that helps explain why Pam and I host short term missionaries in Jinja, Uganda.

“Drake’s face lit up when asked if the trip to Uganda has influenced her thoughts of her future.  ‘It’s funny you should ask that.  Before I went to Uganda I had my whole life planned out.  I was going to go to college at the University of Puget Sound.  I was going to be a physician’s assistant or nurse and I was going to just live my life and be happy with it’ she said.  But after going to Uganda, everything has sifted.’”

Please pray for Ariane.  We have fallen in love with her and will do all we can to encourage, empower, and equip her for the work to which the Lord has called her.

In 17 short days Pam and I will be leaving for a 9 week tour of the United States.  Our first stop will be Pocatello, Idaho where we will get to enjoy our relationship with Ariane and so many other friends we have because we have shared life together in Uganda.  We intend to have a confirmed itinerary next week and will post it.

Concert Poster (PDF)

Idaho State Journal Interview (PDF)

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