Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NGM Update 180 A Serious God

... Even in Little Things

Featuring Kristi Wehrspann

August 31, 2010

Kristi with students from Fountain of Hope School
Kristi Wehrspann is a wonderful young lady we met in May of this year when she came to Uganda as part of a short term mission team.  She is a school teacher from Pocatello, Idaho.  As is often the case, we fall in love with many of these short term missionaries.  Kristi is one of these we have fallen in love with.  She has already paid a visit to our home in Oregon and we look forward to seeing her and being in her classroom in late September.  Pam and I believe that God wants to bring short term missionaries to Uganda in order to change their lives and get connected to someone with whom we work in Africa.

Eating rolex with friends in Uganda

Below is a short story that Kristi shared with me this week.  I asked, and received, permission to reproduced it here as one of our updates.  Our lives are all about relationships … with the Lord Jesus and with people in American and Africa.  Here is a story born out of our relationship with Kristi.

I have a great story for you! ...it starts out not so great, but trust me it gets better...

So a couple weekends ago I awoke, took my dog out to use the facilities and found my case of CD's lying on the grass. I thought to myself, "huh, that's not where those belong." So I picked them up and took them to my car to check on things. I found my car doors open (my fault, I had left my windows wide open) and my ipod gone. My neighbors (I live in townhouses) were outside discussing the matter because their car doors were open as well. Well, I called the police, he came, wrote everything down and I figured that was the end of it.

Last week I really started looking for my Bible, feeling I had misplaced it. All of a sudden it dawned on me that it would have been sitting in a nice leather case in the back of my car and may have looked intriguing for some little thief. The sad part is that I received that Bible from my Nana and Grandpa when I got confirmed in 8th grade...therefore, it has a ton of memories, notes, thoughts, etc. I was super super bummed.

So...Friday night I tell my friends (they happen to be Catholic) what had happened and we say a prayer for my lost Bible. And they let me know that they would send out a prayer to St. Anthony (patron st. of lost items...can't hurt).

With friend Katie & HIV positive kids
Tonight I get a call from a man who introduces himself and his wife and tells me that they attend Grace Lutheran. I'm figuring that this has something to do with the school, since I teach there and school starts tomorrow. He says my daughter-in-law-to-be has found your Bible. I got super excited, told him all about it and how much it meant to me...to which he replied, "I realized that when looking through, it looks like it's been around the block." Well I of course asked how she found it. Turns out that she cleans houses and found my Bible lying by the side of the house she cleans like some random discarded book. I had some bulletins in there from Grace and so she brought the Bible to her in-laws-to-be and said do you know this girl (my name is in the front). Rich responded that he didn't, but looked me up in the directory and sure enough...there I was. He called right away and was ready to drive it right over to my house. I said it would be fine to drop it off at the school tomorrow. BUT boy oh boy...how cool is THAT?!?!?!

I love that GOD!!!!

Good Friends in Great Beauty Backpacking last year ... Kristi is on the right

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