Monday, August 9, 2010

NGM Update 177 Walking Together

BBQ and Tour of America
August 9, 2010

The Old Testament prophet Amos asked the rhetorical question, “Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?

Together ...
God has given a huge love to Pam and me for the nation and people of Uganda.  I like to compare our love for Uganda to the love Isaiah had for Israel expressed in Isaiah 62.  Our hearts have been given to or stolen by the wonderful people of Uganda.  This shared love has put our lives pointed in the same direction.

We are now at our home base in Oregon.  The foundation of our work is relationships.  While we miss relating with our friends and family in Uganda, our presence here in the States provides us with a welcomed opportunity to connect with people here.  We began this effort by hosting a BBQ at our home this past Saturday.  It is our expression of gratitude for the love and partnership we share with so many.  Pam and I could never do the work we do in Uganda without the prayer and support of so many friends.  We have to say thank you!

Elisa, Hannah, & Daurelle assist Pam
Ladies showed up to help Pam fix food and drink for dozens of people.  Friends set up a tent, tables, and chairs.  LaFonda, our housemate, and my granddaughter Alaina, helped me arrange and display authentic African shirts and jewelry for sale … in an effort to raise the funds necessary for our return airfare next year.

Good friend LaFonda
LaFonda & Alaina working together
Those who share our lives closely came to enjoy the fellowship with us, but also those we seldom see came also.  I taught high school for Curt Bumcrot for 8 years and I will never forget the joy I had in influencing the next generation through that opportunity.  It was great to visit with Curt and his wife, Jenny.  Tom and Liz Dressel, who direct the ministry EVERY MARRIAGE MATTERS, also came and blessed us greatly.  Jim and Teri Harold were able to bless us with their presence too.  My mother and dad, Pam’s parents, and others also brought joy to us by sharing this event with us.  At last year's BBQ, Matt met Kristi and Kristi met Matt for the first time.  They talked for a couple of hours.  They are getting married at our house in less than two weeks!  Talk about together!!

Elisa & Teri Harold
My father JQ & my mother Carolyn
Jenny & Curt Bumcrot
Tom & Liz Dressel

Kristi+Matt_0125 cleancrop.jpg
Matt & Kristi
Queen of my heart
As you have heard me say before, TOGETHER was God’s idea.  He is the originator of relationships.  He designed life so that it would be enjoyed through the significance of relationships.  Pam and I embrace this reality.  Without relationships we could never do what we do in our work with Next Generation Ministries.  God has blessed us with some amazing relationships.  Thank you, Lord … and thank you too!

Now our focus turns toward thanking those who live in other parts of the United States.  We intend to begin our tour across America on September 20th.  We look forward to seeing so many of you during the next two months on the road.  We will also promote the work the Lord is doing through Next Generation Ministries, solicit people to join us in this work in Uganda, and invite many others to walk with us.  We are so blessed to have so many walking with us.  We can’t walk together unless we agree on the direction.  Thanks for joining us in the journey.  We are grateful and we look forward to hugging your neck and thanking you!

Please let us know if you would like us to include at stop at your place during our tour.  Email us at or call us at 503-824-4800.

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