It Looks Like This

During my first encounter with her, it became completely evident that she was unlike anyone I had ever met in the medical profession. As a result of hosting multiple medical missions it was not unusual for me to attend to the care of patients during and following those missions. I connected with hundreds of medical personnel. But this lady was radically different. Not only was she competent in redressing a septic wound but her caring heart for the patient and everyone around her stood out like a flashing lightning bold sent from the heavens to the earth. I wondered, "Who is this lady?" Before this nurse finished with my patient I had to ask her, "Do you know Jesus?" Her already beaming face expressed even more joy and I had my answer.

SUSAN:  A wife, mother of four girls, employer, and full-time staff member of Next Generation Ministries ... this lady is on mission! Susan knows whose she is and who she is. She belongs to Jesus and her identity is as a daughter of the Eternal Father. As you can imagine, this affects everything she does.

Susan Nassuuna
Who we are is woven like a broad red thread through the fabric of all we do. It may not be evident to everyone but it should be to all who really know Susan.

Susan is a born again ... the term commonly used to describe a person in Uganda who has given their life to Jesus. But not all who confess Jesus realize what Susan realized: Giving your life to Jesus means giving ALL your life to Him. The goal of Susan's life is to have those around her see and hear the goodness and grace of God in her life.

Let me give you some examples of how this plays out in Susan's life.

Susan & Filbert with my wife & me
Over the past half dozen years Susan has been in the process of exchanging the disappointing African culture of marriage for God's design for the relationship. Her husband, Filbert, is born again and works as a nurse for the government of Uganda. Both of them are so receptive to the work of God's Spirit in transforming them into being the best person God can make them so they can be the best partner they can be to each other. They are committed to being the best givers and forgivers they can be for the benefit of each other.

(L to R) Favor (8), Faith (16), Mulungi (7),
Fortunate (11)
Growing together with her supportive husband, they provide a spiritually productive environment in which their four daughters may develop. By the grace of God, the girls are enrolled in good schools but Susan is aware that education by itself will never be enough to result in adult children who are also passionate about Jesus. She and Filbert endeavor to provide living examples of the kind of people genuinely Christ-centered parents are ... completely surrendered and fully devoted followers of Jesus. Their greatest joy will be to see each of them loving the Lord with all their heart.

Susan's mother-in-law
Susan's impact moves beyond her immediate family to her extended family. Recently, her mother-in-law had a stroke that paralyzed her right side and made her numb. Eventually, it led to her death. Susan did not hide the fact that losing a loved one brings pain to her heart even though there is some consolation in knowing her mother-in-law is in Heaven. It was an opportunity for Susan to demonstrate how to respond to death as a Christ-follower.

Susan and Filbert hired a housekeeper to care for their house and help with the family, a very common practice for those families in Uganda who can afford to do so. Filbert can be in Eastern Uganda where he works as a nurse for two or three weeks at a time. Keeping the girls in boarding school requires both of them to work.

Miriam on her graduation day
Miriam was a Muslim lady when she came to work for them years ago. Someone who lives in your house is going to know you. Not like someone you see once a month or once a week. Or even every day at work! No. When someone lives with you they observe it all. Your character, beliefs, values, and behavior become evident. Miriam has become a part of the family. Either she would see Jesus Christ in Susan or she would only see religion; the religion of the evangelical type but simply religion nonetheless. Now Miriam is born again and through Susan's discipleship and mentoring has grown in Christ. With Susan's encouragement, Miriam pursued a vocational skill and has now received her certificate in tailoring which makes Susan proud.

Susan's love for the Lord Jesus is known wherever she goes. Susan helped a neighbor friend and partial orphan named Shakira with tuition fees at a beauty salon for training. Shakira recently completed her training and now she and Susan are trusting the Lord together for capital to start up a beauty salon 

Reading this abbreviated panoramic view of Susan's life should provide a picture of the kind of life Susan lives. Though she is a full-time staff member of Next Generation Ministries, managing the medical operation of the organization, she is always on call as a representative of the transforming work Christ does in the life of anyone who will give their life to Him. Her focus is first on people ... whether they be her husband and children, extended family members, someone who works for her, or a neighbor. Working with a faith-based organization with a mission focus is not what makes Susan a minister. Ministry is always a matter of the heart. It is always a matter of identity. It is knowing who you belong to and who you live for. Susan lives for Jesus so she is always on the job. Being in vocational ministry does not make a person a minister. Being born again automatically makes a person a minister.

This is what it looks like. Christianity is not something limited to a Sunday morning event. Christianity is not something that is compartmentalized and added to an already full life. Christianity is all about Christ. It is a total lifestyle. It affects the whole person and every venue and relationship in which the person exists.

This is Christianity. This is what it looks like. This is Susan and she is a terrific example of a life lived for the glory of God.