Living Things Grow

Esther and Rebecca
It's just the way it is. It takes life to make life. And when things are alive they grow.

Jesus underscored this principle when he encouraged his disciples when he said, "consider the lilies, how they grow; they neither work nor make their clothing." Their growth was the result of being alive.

I was unexpectedly trapped by the restrictions COVID 19 brought to my life just like the rest of the world. I was prevented from traveling to Uganda for over two years. A lot happened while I was away back in America but nothing impressed me like the growth I witnessed, first in my daughter, Rebecca, and then in Esther, NGM Educational Sponsorship Coordinator.

Jesus said that He came to earth to "give life" and to give it to its fullest extent. These two young single ladies have remained connected to Jesus who is the way the truth and the LIFE! I shouldn't have been surprised at the amount of growth I observed in them. They impressed me with their maturity and understanding of who they are and why they are here on earth.

My wife and I were privileged to have our daughter, Rebecca, with us the first week we returned to Uganda and the last week before our departure. I have so much I could share about the growth and maturity I see in her as a result, but I will save that for another time. Because these two ladies are so close to each other, they are sources of motivation and accountability to one another. They share mutual impact and love for one another.

It is with pleasure that I share how proud I am of Esther in this blog. She has the heart of Jesus and is committed to making disciples. She is not content to let life happen to her. Instead, she is squeezing all she can out of her life. She enrolled in an extensive and demanding leadership course last year through Harvest Institute, part of the ministry of Worship Harvest with headquarters in Kampala, Uganda.

While working full-time to coordinate the education of underprivileged students and their sponsors she also completed the course that required her to write a book which she published in November of 2021. Here Esther is meeting with a man who is struggling to provide school fees for ten children, his own and his deceased brother's. On weekends Esther leads worship for the Jinja Worship Harvest.

Esther completes all of these responsibilities with dignity and grace. It has been said that if we want to find someone for a very important task, find someone who is very busy. Those are the people we want to join us. They are busy because they are competent, conscientious, and in high demand. Esther is just that sort of person ... capable of making sure you are her main focus while having so many other responsibilities calling her name.

The title of Esther's book is Dear Daddy with a subtitle of Things Your Daughter Needs From You But Might Never Tell you. I can't think of many topics more needed in the Pearl of Africa. The spiritual history of Uganda and most of the continent of Africa rests on witchcraft. This resulted in fractured families, polygamy, and children growing up without fathers. Esther is a pioneer in helping restore the family to God's original design.

Chapter titles list those things daughters need from their fathers ... things like:

    • Time
    • Affirmation
    • Protection
    • Provision
    • Prayer
    • Permission
    • Love
    • Apology
    • Guidance
    • Teaching
Esther begins her book with the words "whoever has ownership has responsibility." God's image is stamped on every human being. He owns humanity in a general sense and has given stewardship of children to parents who follow Him and His guidelines for life.

With Esther on February 23, 2022
It is my prayer that Esther's book will find a pervasive reading among the people of Uganda. I believe that life will change for many young women as fathers take seriously their responsibility to train them. When life is given to others change is inevitable because living things grow.

Thank you Esther for taking the risk in raising your voice above the historical demands of life according to African culture. Your strong appeal to follow the design of God for fathering will result in many more mature change agents like yourself.


  1. This is so powerful, Paul. Wow! I want to read Esther's book so I can be a better father!

  2. What a beautiful testimony of God at work in Esther's life to conform her to exactly the image He has called her to. Another expression of Himself and that she would call out fatherhood in others through her book. Indeed living things grow and she is growing into a mighty Oak of God.


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