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Next Generation Leadership Institute

Next Generation Leadership Institute
The Next Generation Leadership Institute was conducted for several  years.  It utilized various venues and methods to invest influence in the lives of the next generation of leaders in Uganda and surrounding nations. Visiting instructors from the United States who lectured, led discussions and dialog  and directed activities in a classroom setting. Relationships evolved from these two week long classes.  Relationships are foundational to the work of NGM and remain central to the core motives of encouraging, empowering, equipping and releasing leaders.

Every generation needs coaches and mentors who will believe in them and the power of Christ to see His Kingdom come and transform cities and nations. The influence of the Leadership Institute focused on assisting the next generation of leaders make an impact in the marketplace and the church.  While it is no longer a structure utilized by the Hunters, many of the following works grew from it.

The focal point of the work of Next Generation Ministries is to build people.  When the people they build begin to build businesses, schools, churches, and homes then the Hunters and those who come to Uganda as short term missionaries are involved in these Kingdom enterprises.

Cross Cultural Mentoring

The Hunters believe that an experience in a third world nation will broaden, change, and develop the worldview of Americans. They have hosted groups of every age in their Ugandan compound. Although large enough to host 10 people comfortably, they welcome couples and individuals as well.  Some stays are limited to five days while others have been for several months.  If you, or someone you know, may be interested in a short term experience in Africa, please read on.

Short Term Experience in Uganda, East Africa... You Will Never Remain the Same

"Paul and Pam Hunter and Next Generation Ministries provide a great opportunity to be exposed to the cultures, ministry opportunities, love, need, and extreme promise that is so abundant in Uganda. They provide a way to preach the gospel, encourage the downtrodden and minister to the orphans and widows without furthering the victim mentality, but instead empowering the youth of Uganda. If you take a trip with Next Generation, your life will be changed!"
- Nikki Zyp, former Missions Director, Timber Valley Church
After influencing high school, college, and young adults of America for several decades as teachers, mentors, and spiritual advisers, Paul and Pam Hunter offer to host you or a small group for a cross cultural experience in the country of Uganda, East Africa.

The strategy is to help you organize, lead, participate or influence a group of  students, young adults, middle aged and retired adults, in Jinja, Uganda for a life changing experience.

This short term mission will require each traveler to pay for their own airfare and a daily expense while in the country. The ministry base in Jinja will provide all the requirements for living while in Uganda.

If a teenager comes to Uganda for mentoring they must have the permission and blessing of  at least one parent or guardian for the duration of the trip. Meals, housing, and transportation are available in any combination that fits the vision and needs of each group. Contact Paul and/or Pam at nextgenminug@gmail.com and pamjhunter@gmail.com.

The short or longer term experience in Uganda will provide everyday encounters with the country and culture formal and informal influence by Paul and Pam through the day.. Cross cultural experiences may include:
  • Schools
  • Children's and/or General hospital
  • Health Clinics and AIDS Information Center
  • Exposure to life in a third world nation by visits to the slums, markets, and ghettos
  • Children's Home and/or orphanages
  • Encounters with political, spiritual, and business leaders
  • A day with a Kingdom oriented business man existing in a developing nation
  • Visit to one of the local prisons
  • One or two Sundays experiencing a church ... African style
  • Introduction to nationals with opportunity for relationships with them
  • A day of rest and refreshment at popular tourist sites and shopping for African memorabilia
There will be both corporate and individual attention given to each person making their trip to Africa. Evaluating and debriefing sessions will be conducted along the way. Evaluations and reports are available upon request.

Paul and Pam, along with others under their supervision, will be the overseers of these excursions. References for the Hunters are available upon request.

Please e-mail, write, or phone the address included on the Contact Us page. We suggest that college groups may come over Christmas Break and high school students come over Spring Break with a few days before and after, but application for anytime during a year is acceptable. Time of year will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. An orientation packet will be made available for each team leader.  Arrangements for the short term experience should be made with Pam in preparation for this cross cultural experience.

Travel agent references are also available upon request.

Abundant Living Ministries

I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly. John 10:10

Freddie Kasango
Pam and I met Freddie Kasango in June of 2004. We were all a part of the Youth Empowerment Team which was a combined team of Ugandans and Americans. This team was together for two weeks of ministry to the youth of Uganda. It was during this time that we became good friends and subsequently spiritual mother and father to Freddie.

Next Generation Ministries initiated its first Leadership Institute in January of 2006. Freddie was the first student to enroll and pay his registration and tuition fee. He graduated from his first year as a student, in the 3 year program, but was unable to enroll in the second year of Institute in January of 2007. On a visit to Freddie's mother's house in the village during first week of December of 2006, Paul found Freddie so sick that he was facing death. He cried with Freddie and prayed for him. On Christmas day, Paul visited Freddie a second time and found him dying. He picked him from there and brought him to their house in Jinja where Freddie lived the last days of his life with the exception of three weeks he spent in the Jinja Hospital where he took treatment for tuberculosis.

During the time Freddie lived with Paul and Pam he confessed to them that he was HIV positive. Under the encouragement of God's Holy Spirit and the support of Next Generation Ministries, Freddie courageously and obediently fought the stigma in the Church toward the HIV positive. He stood before his local congregation, Jinja Christian Center, and shared with his spiritual family that he was HIV positive. This confession had a huge impact in the congregation that day and opened the door for freedom.

Abundant Living Ministries is the result of that beginning and serves under the umbrella of Next Generation Ministries. The vision Freddie had for Abundant Living Ministries is that it would help the HIV positive and those fearing HIV to redirect their focus from death to life. Freddie un-expectantly went to be with his Heavenly Father for eternity on February 7th, 2007, but his vision to minister to those who are HIV positive, and others who are affected by HIV/AIDS, lives on through free HIV testing

Free HIV Testing

Abundant Living Ministries is committed to breaking the stigma of HIV/AIDS in the Church. There are many who fear having HIV. Many do not even want to know if they are positive and they want no one else to know if they are.

Abundant Living Ministries offers free testing to encourage these people and help break the stigma.

If you need encouragement, Abundant Living Ministries has staff people who will assist you in getting tested and will encourage you regardless of what results from the test. If you are interested in being tested or simply talking about your situation, please e-mail us or call us at the phone numbers listed in this brochure.

Encouragement for Those Fearing HIV/AIDS

We believe that we are partners in bringing resolution to those affected by HIV and AIDS with the Lord Jesus:

Abundant Living Ministries seeks to offer advise and encouragement to those fearing they have HIV/AIDS and those connected in any way with those who are HIV positive. Please feel free to contact any of the staff members of Abundant Living Ministries.

Becky Bryan's 6th Grade Class

Becky Bryan
Becky Bryan was one of the best teachers Molalla River Middle School, Molalla, Oregon, has ever had. She loved teaching and she loved kids. It is no wonder that she had a way of helping her students believe they could do something significant, even as a sixth graders! One day, late in the 2006 school year, Becky was reading a story to her class about a 12 year boy named Ryan who raised $2,000 for a well in Africa. One of the students asked, "Why can't we do something like this?"

Becky was a personal friend of Paul and Pam Hunter. She informed her class that she had friends who have been to Africa several times. Would they like to have Mr. Hunter come and share with them about the country of Uganda?

With around three weeks left in the school year, Becky's sixth grade class raised over $2,600 for a water well! Land had been purchased for the construction of a school and adult learning center, but there was no water on the land or the surrounding area. On the last day of school, June 6th, Paul and Pam Hunter, who direct the work of Next Generation Ministries, were presented with a check for $2,500.

During the presentation, Paul and Pam asked the students "how did they manage to raise so much money in such a short time." Among the responses were the following:

  • One student put a container at High School Pharmacy in Molalla. He got about $58.00.
  • A boy made many dozen cookies and gave them out at his church coffee time for a donation. He brought in $167.00.
  • Instead of gifts, a girl asked for money for her birthday, then gave it all to the fund. She gave $105.00.
  • One girl asked the parents and students at her Ti-Kwan-Do class to make a donation. She brought in $5.00.
  • A student put a container at Ricky D's Pizza. She brought in $20.00.
  • A student asked Mom's co-workers and got some money.
  • A girl wrote to The Bill Gates Foundation and has yet to receive a donation.
  • One student worked for his father at the fields. He brought in $100.00.
  • One young man asked to take some money out of his savings fund. He gave $50.00.
  • These 12 and 13 year old students will never forget this experience. As Paul and Pam told them, "You don't have to be an adult to be a world changer."

Doing something significant in the world can be contagious. The following school year, Becky's sixth grade class choose to raise funds for three high quality dairy cows. These income producing animals were given to responsible people who promised to give the first heifer, born to their cow, back to Next Generation Ministries so that another milk cow could be given to another needy person.

Becky's desire this year was to investigate the interest of her class to see if they would like to become involved in purchasing desk for over 300 students who had only benches on which to sit and would write on their knees. Before she had a chance to explore this project, Becky lost her battle with brain cancer and left her vision with others on December 24, 2008. A Becky Bryan Memorial Fund has been established and contributions can be made to Next Generation Ministries and designated for the Becky Bryan Memorial Fund.


Relationships with Next Generation Ministry's team members have led to some significant projects in Uganda. The visions of these members are ambitious for expanding the Kingdom of God. More projects will be added as the ministry develops. Enjoy reading about these projects. Sense whether there is any desire in you to get involved with a project. In Uganda we would say, "You are most welcome!"

Bukeeka Project

In the summer of 2004, Paul and Pam Hunter directed a Youth Empowerment Team combined of young people from America with young people from Uganda. One of the Ugandan team leaders was Robert Sityo who had recently married his wife Sarah.

Robert sensed the Lord leading him to begin a work of building the Kingdom of God in a village named Bukeeka. There had been several attempts to plant a church of believers in Jesus Christ in that village, but each attempt failed due to the opposition of the Islamic community in Bukeeka. 90% of the people in that village were Muslims and there was serious opposition to Christianity. Robert still believed that God wanted to express Himself among the people of Bukeeka through born again believers and so began the work there out of faithful obedience.

The initial days of ministry were very difficult and there was noting circumstantial to encourage Robert and Sarah. Because of Robert's involvement with the Youth Empowerment team, he and Sarah became connected with two team members of that team from America, Kathy Ikola and Dennelle Bremner. This relationship opened the door for Kathy and Dennelle's church, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, of Portland, Oregon, to catch Robert's vision for Bukeeka. This relationship with BSLC was a great source of hope to Robert and Sarah in those early days.

The church Robert was working to plant seemed to be failing, but the Lord instructed Robert to think creatively about doing something that would bless the people of Bukeeka. Robert and Sarah began Fountain of Hope School and had 67 students the first year. The children of Muslim families attended the school, but the parents did not permit the staff and faculty to pray for their children. However, one girl who had serious headaches every day, which prevented her from doing her homework, was prayed for by Vincent, the school's headmaster, and the Lord healed her dramatically. This healing opened the door for prayers for the other children of Muslim parents.

The Lord has used the school to build a bridge to the Muslim community of Bukeeka. Paul and Pam, along with some of their team members, visited Fountain of Hope School in January of 2006. This visit brought more hope to the Robert and Sarah and a relationship between Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church and Next Generation Ministries began on a significant level.

Beginning with a dream to offer a superior, quality education to the children of this rural village and transform the community through the love of Christ, the Bukeeka Project has grown into something beyond anyone's wildest dreams. There are now 280 students enrolled in Fountain of Hope School. The rented building used for the school is in very poor condition and overcrowded.

Next Generation Ministries has joined forces with Robert Sityo, who founded and directs Fountain of Hope School and Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church for The Bukeeka Project. BSLC is the leader of the project.

Phase 1 includes purchasing around 3 acres of land, drilling a well, and building a multi-purpose building. This first structure should allow the school to increase its enrollment. As of the end of June and agreement had been reached for the land, funds had been transferred to Uganda, a public announcement had been made, and payments were scheduled. Funds had also been transferred for the beginning of the well drilling as soon as title was to legal given to Fountain of Hope School.
Phase 2 will focus on classrooms, library, kitchen, facilities, and teacher's quarters.
Phase 3 will finish with more classrooms, a computer lab, administrative offices, and electricity.
If you would like to participate in this exciting vision by donating to The Bukeeka Project please go to our contact page.

Mbiiko Project

Rock of Ages Nursery School in Mbiiko
Clinging to the slope of the steep hill that rises above the dam, west of the head waters of the Nile River, lays a town known throughout Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and the Congo. Mbiiko is on the main highway that links the port city of Mombasa, Kenya to all these countries. Every truck driver is aware of the reputation of Mbiiko as the prostitute capital of Uganda. Every evening the highway is lined with trucks as young women sell their bodies in order to survive.

Betty Wasswa, a trained school teacher who held a good job with a private school for four years, grew up in this town of Mbiiko. Betty is a team member of Next Generations Ministries who has expressed faith in the dream she has for the prostitutes and their children. Rock of Ages Nursery School is the core of her dream. Rock of Ages is started its third full year in February of 2008. Betty started with 7 students her first year and grew to a full dozen her second. This year, however, with some financial help from some American friends, Betty was able to enroll 52 students and hire two other teachers.

Betty's deep compassion and love for the prostitutes of her home town was the motivation to start a school for the children that were born to them. Although open to any child whose parents desire early education, Betty's goal is to be able to grant scholarships to the children of these desperate women who are risking disease and death on a daily basis to care for themselves and their children.

Rock of Ages Nursery School is an educational bridge that Betty has build to a neglected and despised element of African society. As Betty loves the children of these women, she believes she will have opportunity to demonstrate and share with them the love of Jesus.

Birthing Center

Giving birth to a baby is the West is a developed privilege of the most women. There are doctors, nurses, midwives, sterile hospitals, birthing centers, and a wide array of devices and environments that make giving birth to a baby a pleasant (as possible) experience.

A short visit to the city of Uganda will find a drought of such provisions. Although containing some medical clinics and a large hospital, women deliver their babies through a harsh process that still keeps husbands away from the process. In January of 2007, a short term missionary of Next Generation Ministries was able to witness one of these births. Through tears she shared that the doctor had spoken roughly to the laboring mother, smacked her on the thighs if she groaned, and ultimately and literally placed his hands on the top of her round belly and forced the baby out. Soon after this birth, both mother and baby came to the base house of Next Generation Ministries.

The vision for a birthing center operated by trained midwives with the latest techniques of assisting laboring mothers was birthed. There are many orphanages for the abandoned children of Jinja, but what about the concern for the entry of many of those children into this world. As the Lord provides the funds, personnel, and proper location, NGM intends to plant such a center in the city of Jinja as one more way to impact the city and the nation of Uganda with the prosperity of the Kingdom of God.